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Property Apprentice is the market leader in property investment advice. It is run by experienced coaches and financial advisers to give you the best support possible, to help you realise your goal of financial freedom.

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Property Apprentice is unique in this industry we provide Financial advice and coaching support without any conflict of interest. For Financial advice you can trust, come to one of our free events to find out how we can help you.

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Independent Expert Advice

Debbie Roberts, Property Apprentice Owner and Financial Adviser will prepare your Statement of Advice (Financial/Retirement/Plan).You will receive one-on-one time with Debbie to ensure that you receive an individually tailored financial plan, from someone with more than 20 years of investing and coaching experience. Your Statement of Advice includes the following items: KiwiSaver and Investment advice, Budget and savings plans if required, Assessment of your borrowing capacity, and advice about how to maximise your financial position, what property type and strategy is best for you and where in NZ you are most likely to find the best deals. This is filtered into a step by step plan, backed by lifetime coaching support and ongoing continued education.

1on1 Lifetime Property Coaching

Our team of experienced property investment coaches are there to support you throughout the process of achieving your goals as and when required, via phone/ email/ Skype/ face to face meetings.

Success Training Sessions

Option 1: 10x Weekly Online Training Sessions
*Repeat any/all of these online sessions as many times as you like for no extra charge
Option 2: Live 3 day Bootcamp Conferences
These 3 day weekends (Friday – Sunday) are held in person 3 times a year in Auckland. These are the same training sessions as the 10x Online Weekly Training Option, just compacted into 3 days. You can attend lx Bootcamp Weekend at no extra charge.

Client Only Exclusive Monthly Meetings

Guest speakers, market updates & networking opportunities to ensure that you continue your support and remain fully updated with market changes and conditions.

Plus: Monthly Group Q & A’s with Paul and/or Debbie, where you can ask any questions you have about your property investment journey.

Exclusive Members Only Area and Facebook Group

Our Members Only Area contains 250+ videos of content covering off the recorded training sessions and the networking meetings, plus updates as we move forward. You gain access to a wide range of discounts that we have negotiated with major retailers nationwide such as Bunnings. Plumbing World etc. You will also have access to a wide range of calculators designed to give your investment decisions more clarity.

Our Clients-Only Facebook Group enables you to connect with a community of Like-minded clients all over the country who are all passionate about property and have the drive to succeed. Ask questions, share your wins, and stay in touch.


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Years of combined Property Investment Experience in our coaching team.


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When it comes to investing in property, good decisions make for long-term success. Our Lifetime Coaching Program includes two membership tiers and various modes of learning so you can rest assured that you learn as much as you can, at your desired timeframe. Simply join one of our Free Events to know more.

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