About Property Apprentice

Our Story

Although they have been investing for much longer than this, Paul & Debbie have worked together as property coaches/mentors since early 2008. In mid 2010 they created Property Apprentice which is still a 100% NZ family owned and operated business.

The vision for Property Apprentice was and still is to provide Advice and Unbiased Financial support you can trust. We provide the best value for money, (whether you are an absolute beginner or have already attained a level of success) without the hard-sell, hype, rah-rah, oversell & under-delivery, and smoke & mirrors techniques that are usually associated within the Property Investment industry.

Property Apprentice brings to you a wealth of experience and knowledge that the team of approachable, experienced and successful investors are more than happy to share with you as your Advisors and coaches throughout your investment journey. The team at Property Apprentice are all dedicated to delivering the truth about what it takes to become a successful property investor, and are all committed to helping you to achieve your dreams & goals – whatever they may be.

Our aim is to teach you how to think like a professional investor in the shortest time frame possible, but still provide you with on going coaching support with no expiry date.

Meet Our Expert Coaches/Advisers

Paul Roberts Property Investment Coach NZ

Paul Roberts

Managing Director

My wife, Debbie, and I bought our first property in 1999 and quickly realized that…

Debbie Roberts Property Financial Adviser NZ

Debbie Roberts

Financial Adviser

I was a Medical Laboratory Technologist here in Auckland and later became an …

Larissa Ingram, Property Investment Coach NZ

Larissa Ingram

Investment Coach

Larissa’s background was in television working in post production in …

Petrece Kesha

Financial Adviser

In April 2014 my husband Aaron and I attended a free Property Apprentice event and going …

Aaron Kesha

Investment Coach

In 2013 my wife and I decided to look for a bigger house as our three children were getting into …

Alyssa Roberts

Financial Adviser

I have just recently become qualified as a financial advisor at the age of 18. As the daughter of Paul and …